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Nestlé offers one vision plan from two different providers. Choose from VSP or EyeMed.

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The plan at a glance

Both providers offer the same benefits for covered services for both you and your covered family members. However, your costs for coverage and networks vary. Be sure to check to see if your doctor is in the network you enrolled in. The following summarizes key features of the vision plan.

Vision Plan

  • Eye exams
  • Frames and lenses
  • Help with contact lenses
  • Corrective vision surgery

  • Broad Network

    Two provider networks to choose from.
  • Glasses or Contacts or Surgery

    Multiple options to get the vision correction you need.

Network Providers

You can go to the VSP or EyeMed website to search for network providers in your area.

VSP: Visit and click Find a Doctor.

EyeMed: Visit and search the Access network.

See the plan

VSP and EyeMed offer the same in-network benefits.

VSP & EyeMed
Eye Exam100% after $20 copay (one basic vision exam every 12 months)
Lenses100% (one set of standard — single, bifocal, trifocal, lenticular — plastic lenses every 12 months)
Optional Lens FeaturesDiscounts offered (features such as tints, scratch-resistant and anti-reflective coatings)
FramesUp to $130: 100%
Any amount over plan allowance: 20% discount offered (once every 24 months)
Contact Lenses — ElectiveUp to $130: 100%
Any amount over plan allowance: Discounts offered (instead of eyeglass lenses every 12 months)
Contact Lenses — Medically Necessary100% (if needed following cataract surgery, to correct extreme visual acuity problems that can’t be corrected with eyeglasses and to treat certain eye conditions such as anisometropia and keratoconus)
Corrective Vision SurgeryUp to $500 for employees only (the lifetime maximum benefit): 100%

Discount offered to covered dependents and to employees for any amount over $500

Out-of-Network Benefits

Refer to the Summary Plan Description (SPD) for details about out-of-network benefits. You can find it at


See what you pay from each paycheck for the medical, dental and vision plans.

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Find a vision provider in your area, view your vision card and see special offers. Open the App Store or Google Play on your smartphone or tablet and download the app for free today!