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As your children become adults, they experience many milestones: graduation, their first job and eventually leaving the nest. If they’re still covered by your Nestlé health plans, there’s another milestone ahead. They must find their own health coverage when they turn 26.

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The last day of the month after your child turns 26, they will be removed from Nestlés medical plans.

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Research your child’s options.

Your adult child has many options for health insurance, from their own employer to the Health Insurance Marketplace. Options vary from state to state.

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Sign up for new coverage.

Your adult child has a Special Enrollment Period that begins 60 days before being dropped from your coverage and ends 60 days after that date.

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The Health Insurance Marketplace is available in every state to help individuals, families and small businesses shop for and enroll in affordable health insurance. It includes helpful information and resources by state if your adult child needs to purchase their own insurance.

Other helpful resources

Nestlé offers the following to help your adult child transition to a new health plan.

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Continuation of Nestlé Benefits through COBRA

If your adult child is covered by Nestlé health plans, their coverage will continue through the last day of the month they turn 26. No need to file any documentation to initiate this drop in coverage, it will happen automatically. At that time, your adult child may want to consider continuing their coverage through COBRA, the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act. Coverage is often allowed up to 36 months.

BE AWARE: COBRA coverage is not subsidized by Nestlé, so you will pay the full premium cost. To learn more about enrolling your adult child in COBRA, contact the Nestlé Benefits Service Center at 1-877-637-2255.