Dependent Care FSA

Set aside pre-tax money to pay for eligible dependent care expenses. A qualifying ‘dependent’ may be a child under age 13, a disabled spouse, or an older parent in eldercare.


The Dependent Care FSA is available to you even if you don’t participate in other Nestlé benefits.


You can contribute up to $5,000 in pre-tax money each year if you’re single or married and filing jointly (the limit is $2,500 if married and filing separately). This is a use-it or lose-it account. No balance will rollover.

You may change your contribution amount anytime during the plan year, but elections cannot be reduced to an amount less than your year-to-date contributions.

Using the Dependent Care FSA

You’ll receive an Optum payment card to use for your eligible expenses once you accept the terms and conditions during enrollment.

You should always keep your receipts in case you need to verify your expenses. You can also file claims for reimbursement on Eligible expenses range from preschool and summer day camp to adult day care. Funds won’t be front-loaded. Funds will be available 3–5 business days after your pay date. Check your Dependent Care FSA balance at any time and be sure your expenses are incurred by December 31, and submitted by March 31 of the following year.

You can also download the Optum Bank mobile app to your smartphone to make checking your balance or submitting receipts easy when you’re on the go.



Everyone will receive two Optum payment cards for the DCFSA with the employee’s name on both cards. If you have a Health Care FSA (HCFSA) or Limited Purpose FSA (LPFSA), all accounts are on the same card.

Funds are not front-loaded into your DCFSA. Your per-payroll deductions are deposited in your account 3–5 business days after your pay date.


You can set aside money (tax-free) to pay for eligible dependent care expenses. Each year during Annual Enrollment, you can choose to set aside:

  • $150 to $5,000 per calendar year (per IRS regulations) if you’re single or married and file your tax returns jointly, or
  • $150 to $2,500 per calendar year (per IRS regulations) if you’re married and file separate tax returns.

Dependent care expenses necessary for you and your spouse to work, look for work or go to school full time, such as:

  • Nursery schools
  • Day care centers (including adult day care centers)
  • In-home day care providers
  • Before- and after-school care (if not already included in tuition)
  • Summer day camps, but not overnight camps

You can find a complete list of eligible expenses in IRS Publication 503

You can use your DCFSA for dependents under age 13 who you claim on your federal tax return (or for whom you’re the custodial parent, if divorced) and/or a spouse or dependent who’s physically or mentally incapable of self-care and lives in your home for more than half the year.


We understand that your dependent care needs might change. Nestlé allows employees to elect or make changes to their current DCFSA elections. You’re eligible to add, stop, increase or decrease elections to the DCFSA. As refunds cannot be made, reduction to your election cannot be below your year-to-date contribution amount.


Any unused funds left in your account on December 31, will be forfeited. 

You’ll receive an Optum payment card to pay for qualified expenses.

If you don’t use your Optum payment card, you can file a reimbursement claim on

There are several ways to view your balance.

Here are the steps to view your account balance and more.