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A new, enhanced digital emotional wellbeing tool.


Powered by NeuroFlow, this new app includes enhanced versions of award-winning digital cognitive behavioral therapy (DCBT) modules. This new program will cover relevant topics like aging, caregiving, mental health and resilience in a way that fits your schedule and progresses at your own pace.

Get the professional support you need to overcome conditions like anxiety, depression or insomnia by downloading the NeuroFlow app.


All U.S. Nestlé employees, spouses/domestic partners and dependent children age 13 and older.


NeuroFlow through Magellan, our EAP provider.

Get Started

You must register for an account before downloading the NeoroFlow app.

  1. Go to and click on the Your Apps tab, click on Explore your App under NeuroFlow and follow the steps.
  2. Set up your account (no registration code required).
  3. Then, download the app, sign in with your existing account and choose the activities that interest you.
NeuroFlow app is here for you Image

NeuroFlow app is here for you

Get more details on how the app can support your wellbeing.

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Magellan: 1-833-502-9928, option 2