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Video Visits and Telemental Health

CareFirst Video Visits and Telemental Health allow you and your family members to securely connect with a medical provider or therapist wherever and whenever via smartphone or computer.

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Virtual Care Resources

When you and your family need medical care or guidance, you have access to Telehealth and Nurse Line resources. If you’re enrolled in a CareFirst medical option, CareFirst Video Visits are available for a $0 copay from May 1, 2022 to December, 31 2022.

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CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield (CareFirst) Video Visits allows you and your family members to connect with a medical provider whenever and wherever you want on a smartphone, tablet or computer. Video visits for standard care are available 24/7/365 without an appointment. You can also schedule a video visit appointment for behavioral health (therapy and psychiatry), diet and nutrition or breastfeeding support.

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All U.S. Nestlé employees and eligible dependents enrolled in a medical plan administered by CareFirst are eligible to receive benefits for these services. Non-enrolled Nestlé employees may choose to use the services and would pay the full costs listed in the table below.


CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield

How to Use

There are two ways to register:

You will need your CareFirst member ID number on your medical card to register.

Why to Use

Standard Medical Visit: Connect with a doctor* anytime, day or night. Doctors can treat common health issues such as sore throat, allergies, cold and flu, and write a prescription if appropriate.

Therapy and Psychiatry: Connect to a support network of psychologists and/or therapists to help you manage symptoms and feel better for issues such as anxiety, depression, and stress management. Psychiatrists can help with medication management for certain health conditions and write prescriptions if appropriate.

Diet and Nutrition: Receive guidance from a certified nutritionist to help with dietary and nutrition needs such as food allergies, weight loss, and meal planning.

Breastfeeding Support: Lactation consultants are available to provide mothers with breastfeeding advice and address common issues such as latching, milk supply, and pumping.

Member Cost Share

Video visit costs vary based on your benefits. For example, therapy and psychiatry visits align to your mental health specialist benefit and registered dietician visits align to nutritional counseling benefit.

Your out-of-pocket costs will never be more than the allowed amount listed below. Members in a high-deductible health plan with a Health Savings Account (HSA), such as the SureSAVER and HealthSAVER plan are subject to their deductible.

You will be able to see your specific cost information before you start your video visit.

 Member Cost ShareAllowed Amount per VisitCost from 5/1/22 through 12/31/22
Medical Visit (Non-Preventive)PCP Benefit$49$0
TherapistMental Health Benefit$80 (Master’s Level)$0
$95 (Doctorate level)$0
Psychiatrist$175 (Initial Visit)$0
$90 (Follow-Up Visit)$0
Registered DieticianPreventive (No Member Cost)$60$0
Breastfeeding Support$110 Initial Visit$0
$60 (Follow-Up Visit)$0

Contact Information

*The doctors accessed via a CareFirst Video Visit are independent providers making their own medical determinations and are not employed by CareFirst. CareFirst does not direct the action of participating providers or provide medical advice